About Us


The Landowska Harpsichord Society of Illinois, Inc. is a non profit organization honoring the legendary Polish-French-American harpsichordist Wanda Landowska. Landowska was one of the most devoted pioneers reviving the harpsichord in the early 20th century. This instrument was the piano’s most important ancestor.

Our first concerts began as a way to continue promoting Landowska’s musical heritage through salon-style concerts. We strive to sustain and cultivate a community of people who share the joy of listening to classical music, and in part revive the tradition of the Baroque.

We believe that classical music can be enjoyed by everyone. We aim to create a comfortable atmosphere for the audience and performers alike, believing classical music can be experienced in new and creative ways. We hope our audience discovers the hidden beauties within past but timeless compositions.

“At no point in the course of my work have I told myself “This is the way it must have sounded at the time” Why? Because I am sure that what I am doing in regard to sonority, registration, ec., is very far from the historical truth. To the purists who say to me, “This was done in such a manner; you should conform, etc.,” I answer, “Leave me alone! Criticize as much as you please, but do not shout. I need peace and silence around me and those grains of irony and scepticism, which are as neccessary to research as salt is to food.” At no time in the course of my work have I ever tried to reproduce exactly what the old masters did. Instead, I study, I scrutinize, I love, and I recreate” 

– Wanda Landowska